Re-Elect Mary Starrett for Yamhill County Commissioner

I’m Mary Starrett, and I’m running for Yamhill County Commissioner, Position #3 because we need genuine transparency, true accountability, aggressive job and business recruiting, a firm commitment to protecting property rights, gun owners' rights and a plan to maintain our county roads.

Jobs are key to a better way of life.

Yamhill County can and should be home to businesses and industries looking for a ready work force, a business-friendly climate and a break from oppressive government taxes and regulations.

Together we can work to make Yamhill County an economically stable and vibrant place to live.

Yamhill County can serve as a model for other counties by safeguarding property rights, individual liberties and promoting fiscal restraint.

Please join me in this effort to make Yamhill County better for all our residents.

Use Your Oregon Tax Credit

Please consider making a donation to help fight for Liberty and Limited Government in Yamhill County.

You can do this with "free" money because donations to registered candidate committees qualify for an Oregon tax credit.

Not a deduction, an actual credit!

If you file alone you can cut your Oregon tax bill by up to $50.00, or if you file jointly you can reduce your bill by up to $100.00.

That means you will owe the state that much less.

You can make a donation to Friends of Mary Starrett and if received by December 31st, you'll have your tax credit for 2017.​