Re-Elect Mary Starrett for Yamhill County Commissioner

I’m Mary Starrett, and I’m running for re-election as Yamhill County Commissioner, Position #3.

                                                                              HOLDING THE LINE ON SPENDING STARTS WITH ME                                                                   

I pledged to oppose spending for non-essential expenditures and signed the Taxpayers Association of Oregon Pledge.I have opposed additional taxes and proposed a reduction in property taxes as well as returning proceeds exceeding  back taxes on tax-foreclosed properties to the homeowner.

I have opposed spending tax dollars on the Yamhelas Westsider Trail- an expensive project that has cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of staff time, with no estimate for the cost of the project and no assurance that farm practices won’t be adversely impacted.

Twice I turned down a pay raise.

Neither will I accept a pay raise during my second term of office.

Yamhill County can and should be home to businesses and industries looking for a ready work force, a business-friendly climate and a break from oppressive government taxes and regulations.Together we can work to make Yamhill County an economically stable and vibrant place to live.

Yamhill County can serve as a model for other counties by safeguarding property rights, individual liberties and promoting fiscal restraint.

Please join me in this effort to continue to advocate for a financially solvent Yamhill County and support the  programs and services that help our community.

My Duties:
In addition to being Chair of the Board of Commissioners, some of my duties include liaison for:
Health and Human Services
Office of Emergency Management
Housing Authority
Yamhill County Coordinated Care Organization (YCCCO) Oregon Health Plan's Medicaid provider)
NW Senior and Disability Services
Association of Oregon Counties ( AOC ) District Vice- Chair
Member, AOC Legislative Committee, Public Lands and Water Policy.
Yamhill County Water Task Force
State of Oregon Distracted Driving Task Force
Yamhill County Board of Health

Use Your Oregon Tax Credit

Please consider making a donation to help fight for Liberty and Limited Government in Yamhill County.

You can do this with "free" money because donations to registered candidate committees qualify for an Oregon tax credit.

Not a deduction, an actual credit!

If you file alone you can cut your Oregon tax bill by up to $50.00, or if you file jointly you can reduce your bill by up to $100.00.

That means you will owe the state that much less.

You can make a donation to Friends of Mary Starrett and when received you'll have your tax credit for 2018.​ Mail Checks to: 35775 NE Smith Rd Newberg, OR 97132. Or click the Donate Now button below.

                                                          What Does A County Commissioner Do?
Oversees the Budget- Your county commissioners are responsible for deciding how your tax dollars are spent.
Other areas of oversight include:
Public Safety
Emergency Services
Public Health
Elections, Vital Records, Passports 
Public Works 
Tax Assessment and Collection
Planning and Development
Veteran’s Services
Health and Human Services
State of Oregon Circuit Court
Addiction Recovery Programs
Economic Development
County Fair
Refuse Disposal
Senior and Disability Services