Mary’s Endorsements

Mary’s Endorsements Have Included:

  • Taxpayer Association of Oregon
  • Oregon Right to Life
  • Oregon Home Builders Association
  • Oregonians in Action
  • Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher
  • Oregon Firearms Federation
  • Oregon Family Farm Association
  • Former Oregon State Rep Jim Weidner
  • Oregon State Representative Dallas Heard
  • Oregonians for Affordable Housing

What People Are Saying...

Mary is tireless and straight forward in the performance of all jobs and tasks. Plus, she is a self-starter at all times with outstanding business acumen. Qualities too seldom seen in today's political arena.
Charles Jones
B./Gen. USAF (REF)
Mary has been a strong advocate for us as foster parents and for our foster children. I am grateful Mary has been fighting for us in Salem and locally!
Foster Parent