Mary’s Endorsements


  • Taxpayer Association of Oregon
  • Oregon Right to Life
  • Oregon Home Builders Association
  • Oregonians in Action
  • Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher
  • Oregon Firearms Federation
  • Oregon Family Farm Association
  • Oregon State Representative Ron Noble
  • Former Oregon State Rep Jim Weidner
  • Oregon State Representative Dallas Heard
  • Oregonians for Affordable Housing
With State Rep Ron Noble at the bypass opening.

What People Are Saying...

Mary is tireless and straight forward in the performance of all jobs and tasks. Plus, she is a self-starter at all times with outstanding business acumen. Qualities too seldom seen in today's political arena.
Charles Jones
B./Gen. USAF (REF)
Mary has been a strong advocate for us as foster parents and for our foster children. I am grateful Mary has been fighting for us in Salem and locally!
M. D.
Foster Parent