The Issues

The battles for our liberties must now be won at the local level; counties and cities must stand up to Federal and State government overreach or we’ll continue to lose precious rights:                              
Freedoms guaranteed in the US and Oregon Constitutions, including free enterprise, private property, medical freedom, Second Amendment rights, and limited government.

Join me in supporting life, liberty, and limited government here in Yamhill County.

I have sponsored or supported over 20 Board actions for the protection of Constitutional rights during emergencies and to push back on Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s COVID restrictions, including:

  • Support for Medical Freedom
  • Support for Business Reopening
  • Support for Overturning COVID -19 Executive Orders
  • Opposition to Minor Immunization without Parental Consent
  • Support for Congregate Care Family Visitation
  • Support for Local Economy/Businesses of Yamhill County Impacted by COVID-19
  • Opposition to Ongoing County Lockdowns
  • Support for Vaccine Informed Consent Guidance
  • Opposition to COVID-19 Vaccine Passports
  • Support Civil Rights of Yamhill County Residents Regardless of Immunization Status
  • Oppose OHA/Oregon OSHA Health Mandates
  • Support Local Control re: COVID-19 Protocols, Opposing Mask Mandate K-12

Submitted a Declaration in the 9/30/21 Court of Appeals challenge to the Oregon Health Authority Vaccine Mandates and OHA’s authority to mandate health care workers, firefighters to become vaccinated by October 18, 2021, or be terminated.

Opposed Vaccine Passports in Yamhill County:

Testified in Federal Court Case Challenging Governor's School Closure:

Supported Vaccine Parental Consent and Notification for Minors

Second Amendment Protection:

Proposed Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance

Supported Yamhill County Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO)

The SASO defends the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It promotes the idea of 'Shall not be infringed' by eliminating the local enforcement of many of the state and federal firearms regulations that restrict the ability of individuals to protect themselves, their families, and others.

The County measure gives a directive to the County government NOT to use any County resources or employees to enforce state or federal regulations concerning firearms and firearm accessories.



The sanctity of all life is paramount to all our rights. I have been and will remain committed to protecting the lives of the pre-born.


Theft of Home Equity:

Oregon is one of a dozen states that requires counties to take the entire proceeds of a tax foreclosed property instead of just the taxes owed which is in direct violation of the US Constitution's 5th Amendment. I requested County return excess proceeds to property owner, State Statute currently denies that freedom.

Therefore, I proposed legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ron Noble to require Oregon counties to return equity from tax foreclosed properties to the property owner.

Proposed policy for County to provide local cities and non-profits with the opportunity to use those properties for local community benefit and below-market housing for families.

Worked with Housing Authority of Yamhill County and Yamhill County Tax Assessor/ Tax Collector Dept to provide early tax foreclosure guidance and mitigation for at-risk property owners.

Proposed legislation sponsored by Rep. Bill Post to limit where cannabis can be processed and require a fire safety plan for chemical processing of cannabis.


Foster Child Mentor/Child Welfare Advocate:

Proposed legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ron Noble for Community-Based Child Welfare Pilot for Yamhill County; State/ County Child Welfare Services hybrid. Oregon’s Child Welfare System has long needed increased oversight, transparency, and accountability.

 Yamhill County is uniquely positioned to improve outcomes for children, keep children out of State foster care and support families struggling with child welfare concerns.


Addiction Treatment:

Supported efforts to increase hospital beds for mental health and addiction treatment for area residents and opposed State law limiting hospital expansion, opposing Oregon’s ‘Certificate of Need’ process.


Medicaid Patient Options for Dental Care:

Proposed Medicaid patients be notified of options to mercury-containing amalgam dental fillings. I worked with Yamhill County CCO (Yamhill Community Care) to ensure that Medicaid families may choose mercury-free dentistry; requesting that our local Medicaid provider notify families of this policy by providing Information on the neurotoxicity and environmental concerns of mercury amalgam fillings and considering language and socioeconomic barriers.

Testified at FDA hearings on mercury in dental fillings.


Election Integrity:

I will continue discussions with Yamhill County Clerk Brian Van Bergen  and Oregon House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson (R Prineville) on election integrity and  I fully support Rep. Breese-Iverson’s call for a full forensic audit of 2020 elections across all 36 Oregon counties as well as a review of voting systems statewide.